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I teach event organizers and vendors how to create a highly engaging experience that your attendees will remember. Whether you are embarking on your first event or looking for a competitive edge, learn how to create an epic, well attended & memorable event, no matter what industry by incorporating these elements:

Engaging your audience and community:

Creating an epic event doesn’t happen by chance, yet many organizers fail to implement simple yet effective strategies to create full capacity engagement. Read along on how I was able to double my event attendance by simply engaging with my audience and well before the event.

Zoning in on atmosphere:

Understanding the emotions and thoughts of your target demographic well in advance of your event is critical for success. What is the tone and intention you wish to set? Is this a charity gala, team building event or let loose party?

Effectively marketing your event:

Creating Buzz! The most important thing you can do is know your target audience and then market your event in an engaging way. Learn my step by step guide for beginning event organizers to engage the community with your event through sponsorship and cross promotion 

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