Ideas for unique and memorable event themes

Planning an event with a memorable & unique theme will have your guests reminicsing for years to come. No matter the season, theming your event gives a cohesive marketing look and primes guests and clients with anticipation of the fun to be had!

Myself bringing out the nostalgic holiday vibes at an event!

Willy Wonka art gallery event
Polkadot theme

Before I get into specific theme ideas for an event, I think it’s important for you to consider a few factors before you choose a theme:

  1. Is the theme easily recoginable and relatable to my target audiences age group? Years ago my friend and I organized a 40’s style neighbourhood picnic at a local park. We had many friends tell us they didn’t know what that meant or how to encorporate the look. In hindsight, a more general theme of “vintage picnic, dress in your favourite era” may have had more success. When we choose narrow themes, sometimes we can end up excluding would be guests who are unsure of how to dress. Another way around this is to post clear ideas and cheap DIY for guests to easily find the right style of outfit.
Here I am at the summer of ’45 vintage picnic, admiring this ladies beautiful cruiser!

  1. Can I practically encorporate the theme into my marketing materials and decor?
  2. Can I clearly communicate to my audience to dress to the theme?
  3. At my event, how can I have a photo booth and/or best outfit contest?

Keith V. Campbell

25 Popular theme ideas-how can you adapt them for the nature of your event and target audience?

  1. Black and white
  2. Polkadots
  3. 70’s (or any decade)
  4. Animal print
  5. Spring has sprung
  6. Crazy hair
  7. Crazy hats
  8. Out of space
  9. Tropical
  10. Country hoe down
  11. People in history
  12. Movie stars
  13. Rockabilly (think the iconic “Grease” movie)
  14. Yacht Rock
  15. Wizard of Oz
  16. Wear anything but clothes
  17. Willy Wonka
  18. Hippy/woodstock theme
  19. Hollywood
  20. Sea of sequins

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