How to combat Feeling unmotivated to pull the trigger on your event idea?

Trust me, I’ve been there countless times! You get this killer idea for an event. You think of the perfect venue! You maybe get a quote and find out the date you’re looking at IS in fact available. You maybe brainstorm with a few collegues or good friends feeling so excited about it all….

But then….

You get that dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach before you put a deposit down. You start to think of all the things that could go wrong. What if people don’t come? Can I afford the time and money to put this event on? Will I lose money and waste my time? And then you start second guessing if this is a good idea at all!

Don’t let these negative thoughts stop you! I encourage you to take a fresh approach to combat feeling unmotivated to pulling the trigger on your event. This approach has greatly helped me over the years as I organized dozens of events!

First, ask yourself the following questions and take the following steps towards action:

  1. Why am I feeling unmotivated? Get it all out there in writing so you can address each reason and move forward! For example, is the cost of the potential event stressing you out? For information about how much it may cost to put on an event read this article. How can you ensure you won’t lose money, even if attendance isn’t what you hoped for? What is the minimum amount of tickets sold you need to turn a profit? Check out my event budget cheat sheet!
  2. Could it be fear of failure or not wanting to take on too much? This is a valid point to consider. The time it will take to organize: How can you delegate better? Can you get a volunteer team or a staff member helping you with marketing or another area of your event? This can be as easy as putting up some flyers at the local college to attract students wanting to gain experience in event management. Allow yourself to explore each fear you have and find a practical solution to why and how your event can be and will be successful! Read about how a day of event coordinator is critical for success!
  3. Crunch the numbers again. Is your greatest cost the venue or the entertainment/speakers you have lined up? Or something else? Can you lower these costs by choosing a more inexpensive venue or by attracting some event sponsors?
  4. Google your idea and look for similar successful events in large centres. What can you do similar or better? For myself, this strategy has always been key! I believe the number one reason I found success was by applying strategies and entertainment that i saw at successful events in larger centres and drawing my own inspiration for my unique event.
  5. Think about how much money you would like to make at your event & then create a budget! You can check out my budget for events article here. Once you can envision what you may make, this can be a great motivator to start the ball rolling on your event!
  6. Take action! Put that deposit down and just go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen is a low turn out where you learn a lot. But if you can follow my event marketing guides and strategies, all found on the website, the chance that you will have a low turn out will be significantly reduced! Check out my ultimate event checklist here!

Putting on an event of any size or caliber is intimidating! But don’t let that stop you from creating something truly amazing! Living a life with no regrets starts by taking some chances and taking some action. For a big dose of inspiration, read how I organized an event from start to finish in less than 4 weeks! You’ve got this and you’ve got nothing to lose by taking some action!

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