The 5 C’s of Event Management That Everyone Should Know About

1. Concept

Any successful event needs a well thought out concept. Really take the time to think about who is your target audience and what exactly is the event you want to hold. For example, think about favourite events you’ve attended in the past. What did they do differently? Once you have the concept mapped out, do some google research of similar successful events that take place in large cities. See if you can refine your concept with new found inspiration drawn from these well established events.

Whether this is a fundraiser or a 50th birthday party, a trade show or expo. Really think about the purpose of the event, your target audience and how you want your attendees to feel. Let this guide you along in your process to determine what the event will consist of (i.e. what activities, performances, vendors etc).

And if you haven’t already, find the perfect venue for your event!

A garden centre-or plants in general can lend to a contemporary relaxed atmosphere for any event!

2. Coordination

Once you’ve come up with a concept and perhaps put a deposit down on your venue -your next step is to coordinate the event.

This includes taking your already established concept and figuring out a name for the event, decor, staff, guest speakers, vendors, audio visual equipment if needed, etc.

Once you have secured a venue, date, and an event name you can then begin to market the event to potential attendees. See my other articles on lots of event marketing tips and tricks that will have you maximizing every dollar of your event budget!

Another element of coordination is figuring out what staff or volunteers you will need in advance and at your actual event. Are you or your staff going to reach out to vendors and speakers/performers? How about delegating catering and security, if needed? Other elements to delegate or fit into your schedule will include marketing the event, liasing with vendors and other stakeholders, developing marketing material (social media material and flyers/posters/press releases).

Don’t forget to check out my other articles on event budget. You will absolutely want to review your event budget and make a plan to stick with it!

3. Control

Control is a funny thing when you’re running an event, as so much can go not as planned the day of (think weather, sick/absent vendors or speakers, etc!). Don’t let this discourage you! Instead, do everything you can within your control, including back up plans and the rest will fall into place!

So visit your venue, do a walk through, make sure there is space for vendors, guests, parking, lighting, etc.

If a speaker cancels do you have a back up? Or if the weather is unfavourable, such as rain, do you have extra towels to keep floors dry, etc?

Go through your budget again meticulously and don’t be afraid to map out the worst case scenario. It’s probably not as bad as you think!

4. Culmination

Culmination is the day of the event. As mentioned in my other articles, make sure you’ve gone through the plan with your staff and that everyone will be where they need to be at the correct time to greet customers and vendors.

Check in the day before with all speakers, caterors and staff to make sure everyone is good and ready for the big day!

5. Closeout

Congratulations! Your event is complete! Take a moment to breath and reflect!

Next, you will want to make sure any door prize winners have been contacted. If you were collecting emails for the draw (which you should be for future events!) you will want to enter them to your email list for the next show. You will also want to thank attendees on social media and share photos. Send a thank you to all vendors (usually via email). And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback of the event and any suggestions to improve!

Now that you know the 5 C’s Of Event Management, you will want to dig a little deeper and go through my other articles to ensure your event is a raging success. I know it will be!

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