What do you mean by event design?

Event design is an all encompassing term for the look, feel and style of an event.

When you think of the term event design, think about the entire concept of your event, the branding (feeling and look you wish to portray) and then, excecute! This will not only include the venue and decor but the colour scheme that will go on all of your marketing materials as well.

Another element of event design is the flow/look etc. How line ups are managed and general flow of guests to keep lines moving and isles from being clogged (if this is a come and go event such as a trade show).

Do you want your guests to be relaxed and mellow or relaxed and high energy? Are you looking to transport them to another era with a 50’s mid century tropical theme or have a contemporary or more casual design? No matter the tone you wish to set, you will want your guests to feel at ease! How can you use event design to make this happen? Here are some simple measures you can take! Wether you are the one designing the next event or you’re planning on hiring someone, I hope these measures point you in the right direction!

A) What is the look and feel of your venue? How can your venue play into the current branding? I.E. is there room to roll out a red carpet, does the venue align with some core principles of your brand? How can you express this in the best way possible?

B) What is the colour skeme of your branding? One of the most inexpensive things you can do is have your table cloths and baloons match this asthetic. But don’t just stop there-the possibilities are truly endless! But do be aware that different colours evoke different subliminal feelings in guests. For example: Red evokes love, strength, passion and excitement, yellow is happiness, positivity and joy. Green is health and prosperity. Blue is confidence and purpose. Purple evokes mystery and imagination. Pink sparks creativity and femininity.

C) What music or guest speakers or performers do you wish to have at the event? How do they best reflect your marketing message? This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen. Being at an event where the music doesn’t match the tone. For example, a small venue with a loud rock band where people can’t hear each other speak. Or a large concert with a mellow solo artist, putting the crowds to sleep!

D) Work from opposite goals-what look and feel do you NOT want at your event? How can you enure this? I.E. asking attendees to adhere to a certain dress code is one way! So is good lighting, plenty of areas for guests to sit and relax or stand near a bistro table if it’s more of a standing event.

I hope the above guiding principles help you along your event design process. Be sure to check out my other articles for more great ideas! I recommend you check out my ultimate event checklist next!

Here I am at Crown & Thieves winery in Kelowna, B.C. They have a modern day speak easy & the winery is full of antiques lending as an exellent event venue!

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