Is event planning a dying career?

If you would have asked me this a couple of years back during the covid 19 pandemic, when there was no end in site from social distancing and political measures, I would have answered yes. But the truth is now, more than ever-people are looking for ways to connect with others that are deep and meaningful and of course, in person. And now more than ever, there are more creative ways to advertise and engage with your attendees than ever before.

One thing I’ve noticed is the sheer joy of attendees being at any event this past year. How about you? Have you attended any local events and just felt a new sense of joy from being in person with others again? This alone highlights the human need for face to face interactions.

According to allied market research, the US corporate event market size was valued at over 95 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach over 510 billion by 2030! While I truly don’t believe event planning is a dying career, one would have to look at job prospects & innovation in the event planning area that they are most interested in (I.E. weddings, trade shows, etc!). Event management is also a great career for the right personality-someone who can think fast and flexibly with great social skills. Someone with the ability to manage a budget and deligate important tasks such as marketing. If the skills mentioned don’t speak to your personality and interests, thats ok! You just need to first look at your skill set and which area you could thrive in the most. Perhaps it’s marketing and admin/logistics, rather than being front of the line dealing with customers.

Here you will read some more creative ideas on event planning career options. I hope they refresh your perspective on the industry as a whole.

There are no shortage creative avenues and themes that you can choose for your event. If you are in the event planning industry and notice a slower season, why not start an event logistics business in your city? This may entail finding the perfect venue, theme and decor for attendees. Another angle would be managing social media and marketing for an existing event company.

Other ideas include:

A new trade show (look at other successful events in large centres and determine what your city could use more of-whether that be a pet show, health themed event or realtor expo for example). Many local business associations or chamber of commerce allow guest speakers. Perhaps you could do a quick presentation to gauge interest in one of the above ideas. This may spark more creative ideas and lead you to more valuable business contacts.

A sip & taste event: Pair with a local winery or cidery-or invite dozens of them to join you at a local venue that you rent out. For more ideas on how to structure the event for profit, just do a search of sip and taste events in your area or big cities for ideas!

You could also start a set up or event clean up service. This would be beneficial if you live in a larger center with a lot of events taking place year round!

The possibilities are endless! But the key is to look at trends in larger centres-what events are selling out or have thousands of attendees or vendors? Which wedding planners have an extensive wait list? What are they doing different? When you can understand these differences that are separating them from the competition, you can absolutely do the same in your city.

Event management is a growing industry that will continue to explode over the next decade. Take some time to think what aspects of running an event you would thrive in. Then take your idea and put the plan in motion! My other articles will help guide you through your ideas to ensure a sucessful and well attended show!

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